We are aware of a texting scam that has been received by members and non-members of Miami Federal Credit Union. This is a scam. If you receive a text or email request – DELETE IT – DO NOT CALL THE PHONE NUMBER PROVIDED.

Miami Federal Credit Union, the NCUA or any other credit union affiliate will NEVER contact you by email, text or phone requesting that you provide personal information via email, directing you to visit another site or asking you to leave information on a recording. If you have any doubts simply contact the Credit Union during our regular business hours.

64th Anniversary Annual Meeting and Celebration

All members are invited to attend the 64th Annual Meeting of Miami Federal Credit Union.  As a member you are a part owner and have a say in how the credit union is run and our future direction.  Come hear about the achievements of your credit union during the past year and its outlook for the future.  Only by attending can you make a difference in the credit union’s direction and in setting objectives for the coming year.

We will also be filling vacancies on the Board of Directors.  Our Board members make important decisions about how the credit union operates.  As part owner, your opinion about the way we operate and Board member selections are very important.

Voting begins on January 4th, 2018.  Use the election ballot to cast your vote.  Drop it off at any of our branches or during the Annual Meeting.  Mark your calendar and be sure to join us at the Annual Meeting as we celebrate 64 years of serving our members.

Interested in Volunteering?

Your credit union needs you.  The Board of Directors is made up of qualified, volunteer credit union members.  As a member of our Board, you can help shape the future of your credit union while using your talents on behalf of the entire membership.

Members interested in serving on the Board must file their application with the Nominating Committee by 01/15/2018.  Submit your nomination at any of our four branch locations.

64th Anniversary Annual Meeting and Celebration

Please come join us 

Location:  51 SW 1st Avenue, Miami, FL  33130,  First Floor – Conference Room

Time:  Noon

Date:  January 25th, 2018

RSVP by: January 15th, 2018    

RSVP Online Now

   We will have snacks, drinks and raffle prizes

 Board of Directors ballot 2018

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