Fee Schedule

As of June 1, 2014

The following fees may be assessed against your account and the following transaction limitations, if any apply to your account.

Bylaw requirements:  You must maintain $5.00 in your Share (Savings) Account as a condition of membership

Share(Savings) Accounts Services  
Opening Share Accounts Membership Fee $2.00
Excessive Withdrawals
(After 6 withdrawals free for month)
$5.00 each
Returned ACH Item $35.00 each
Closing Share Account (if closed within 365 days of opening) $25.00 
Dormant Accounts Fee (after one year of inactivity)
An account is considered dormant when no withdrawals or deposits, other than credited dividends, have been made to the account for a period of one year. Members with an active share certificate, IRA, credit card, club accounts or loan are exempt from this fee.
$10.00 month
Official Check $5.00 each
Teller Checks Money Orders (up to $1,000) $2.00 each
Collections Item $25.00 each
Returned mail or Bad Address $5.00 per item
Print Out of Savings Account $5.00 each
Christmas Accounts  
Early Withdrawal Fee. Christmas Club accounts pay out November 1st. $25.00 per withdrawal
Share Draft (Checking) Account Services  
Closing Share Draft Account $5.00 each
Returned check or pre-authorized withdrawal (ACH) due to
non-sufficient (NSF) or uncollected funds
$35.00 per item
Overdrafts or items paid with Overdraft Privilege $35.00 per item
Copy of Share Draft Item (Free in MFCU Online Banking) $5.00 each
Stop payment on a check or pre-authorized withdrawal (ACH) $30.00 each
Statement Copy $5.00 each
Print out of Share Draft Account $5.00 each
Transfer of funds from a Savings account to a Checking account to pay an item, i.e. a check or a pre-authorized withdrawal (ACH) $5.00 each
Check printing...fee depends on the style of checks ordered Varies
Online Banking & Bill Payment Fees  
Online Banking, Mobile Banking, E-Statements, E-Alerts, and Bill Payment (Unlimited Transactions) FREE
Bill Payment (Stop Payment Fee) $30.00 each
Bill Payment Research Fee $30.00
Items paid with Overdraft Privilege $35.00 per item
Money Transfer Services  
Domestic Wire Transfer (Outgoing) $25.00 each
International Wire Transfer (Outgoing) $65.00 each
Wire Transfer Incoming FREE
Recurring ACH Authorization agreement FREE
One-time Electronic Funds Transfer (ACH Credit/Debit) $10.00 each
Loan Services  
Loan Application Fee (Secured and Unsecured Loans with the exception of Share Secured and Share Certificate Secured loans) $30.00
Personal Line of Credit Request Advance Fee $30.00
Unsecured (Line of Credit) loan add-on Fee after initial disbursement $10.00 each
No Credit Check Application Fee $20.00 each
Loan processing fee on all disbursed loans $25.00
Late Charge on Loans (15 days after due date) 20% of the interest due with a minimum of $0.25
Late Charge on Personal Line of Credits (15 days after due date) 10% of monthly payment or $20.00, whichever is greater
VISA Credit Card Services  
Late payment Fee (10 days after due date) Up to $25.00
Over-The-Credit-Limit Fee Up to $25.00
Returned Payment Fee Up to $25.00
Card Replacement Fee $10.00 per card
VISA Check Card  
Initial Visa Check Card and Visa Check Card monthly maintenance FREE
Replacement of lost, damaged or stolen Check Card $10.00 / Card per incident
Replacement of personal identification number (PIN) $10.00 / Incident
ATM cash withdrawal at a non-credit union ATM
(Free at our ATM's and Presto Network ATMs)
$2.75 each
Balance Inquiry (Free at our ATM's and Presto Network ATMs) $1.00 each
Items paid with Overdraft Privilege $35.00 per item
Other Fees  
Account Research $30.00 per hour /$10 min.
Written Verification of Accounts $10.00 each
Stop payment per check or ACH payment $30.00 each
Stop Payment – Official Check, Teller Check, Money Order $30.00 each
Cancel Stop Payment $5.00 each
Check presented against uncollected funds $35.00 each
Non-sufficient or uncollected funds on a pre-authorized withdrawal (ACH) $35.00 each
Deposited check (and other items) returned unpaid $35.00 each
Items paid with Overdraft Privilege $35.00 each
Member Service Telephone Inquiries (for things that can be done for free using the 24/7 Audio Response System, i.e. balance inquiries/withdrawals/transfers) $1.00/inquiry
MFCU Gift Card $3.75 per card
Coins deposit $.10 per roll
AMC/Regal Movie Tickets $8.00 each
Subordination on Home Loans $250.00

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