ATM Locators

Are you planning a vacation and want to know where you can use your debit card, or just going to a new area of town? We have assembled some links to ATM machines databases that you may find useful.

Due to our affiliation with Accel-Exchange Network and Publix Presto networks, your Miami Federal Credit Union debit card works at thousands of locations worldwide. Anywhere the Accel-Exchange or Publix Presto logos are shown, your card will work.

In addition, there are many participating Point of Sale locations that will let you pay for your purchases with your ATM card, and some locations even allow you to get cash back. Best of all, POS transactions are FREE!

Some locations that will accept your debit card may charge you a surcharge for the convenience of using their ATM machine. 

Miami Federal Credit Union owned ATMS and Publix Presto Network (ATMS) are surcharge-free for transactions using Miami FCU Debit/ATM cards. Our proprietorship ATM machines are located at:

To find an ATM that accepts your debit card, check out the resources below:

Accel Exchange Network ATM Locator
Network ATM Locator

Participating Retailer List 


Publix Presto Network Locator


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