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Online Identity Protection

Online Identity Protection means following best practices to help you browse the Internet safely and securely.

Be selective about where you surf.
Not all Web sites are benign. Sites that are engaged in illegal or questionable activities often host damaging software and make users susceptible to aggressive computer attacks.

Use a secure browser.
Always use secure Web pages when you’re conducting transactions online (a Web page is secure if there is a locked padlock in the lower left-hand corner of your browser).

Select a strong password.
Never use birth dates, first names, pet names, addresses, phone numbers, or Social Security numbers as your password. Instead, use a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. Be sure to change your passwords regularly.

Don’t choose “Remember My Password.”
You should never use the “remember password” feature for online banking or transactional Web sites.

Don’t use public computers for sensitive transactions.
Similarly, do not use your personal computer to transact via a public/unsecure Wi-Fi connection.

How To Protect Your Privacy

  • Update and strengthen the security of your online passwords

  • Use a secure browser and trusted computer for sensitive transactions.

  • Log off when you’re done using Web sites that require a user ID and password.

  • Disconnect and shut down when you’re not using your computer

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